You are missing out on good offers because you are not

  • Effectively marketing to both cash and equity buyers. Keep reading to discover how you quickly send postcards and emails to over 2,650 extra cash and equity buyers.

  • Making your Chico Area property standout from all the others. Click here to learn how.

Smart sellers are rethinking the way they sell Chico Area real estate. Intelligence is the ability to turn difficult situations to one's advantage. You will turn the real estate slow-down to your (seller's) advantage if you continue reading with an open mind and use what you learn.

Here are compelling reasons it's to your advantage to market to both cash and equity buyers.

  • 21 reasons an equity buyer can be your best buyer even if you do not like the property they offer you. Click here for the 21 reasons.

  • Many will buy your Chico Area property "only via an exchange."

  • Exchanges are no more complicated than traditional sales after finding your buyer because the same offer forms are used in both. Click here to keep it simple while you save.

  • Multiple offers improve your bargaining position.

Equity buyers are sellers who will exchange. Equity buyers offer equity in property in lieu of cash, can offer more cash than equity and lesser property offered can produce cash-flow and/or be easier to sell. So you can enjoy a traditional sale (no exchange), I may buy the lesser property offered you (in lieu of cash commission) as I've done in the past.

We do not advocate exchanges over traditional sales and vice versa. Click here for what we advocate.

We offer both traditional marketing (MLS, etc.) and our exclusive marketing system. Using both while realistically priced is the best marketing because it quickly produces more good offers. That's not an idle promise–it's a guarantee!! We save you as much as 50% in commissions.

FIRST PART OF OUR EXCLUSIVE MARKETING SYSTEM: Quickly sending postcards and emails to our exclusive 2,650+ cash and equity buyers vs. waiting for them to find your property on the Internet, MLS and in publications.

Click here for our 2,650+ cash and equity buyers. They include but are not limited to:

  • 365+ developers and builders

  • 750+ professionals (physicians, dentists, etc.)

  • 1,650+ equity buyers eager to exchange property in (1,000+) and outside (650+) the Chico Area for Chico Area property

Our economy created many great exchange opportunities for Chico Area sellers. Some are forced to exchange due to extreme motivation.

Do not expect other Chico Realtors to help you find exchange opportunities because very few even try to exchange and the few who try, cannot offer you our 1,650+ equity buyers willing to exchange property for Chico Area property.

Click here for the 8 reasons very few Chico Realtors try to exchange and CHICO AREA SELLERS ARE MISSING OUT ON GOOD OFFERS.

Sellers who EFFECTIVELY advertise "For Sale or Exchange" receive more offers than sellers who advertise "For Sale" only.

Click here for the 2 solutions we offer, if you do not like the property offered you (rather than lose your buyer).

Good buyers are LOST due to less qualified Realtors being unable to close your escrow.

SECOND PART OF OUR EXCLUSIVE MARKETING SYSTEM: Employing our superior problem solving abilities, inventive know-how and skill-set to assure your best buyer closes escrow. Examples of our superior problem solving abilities include our 2 solutions mentioned above.

Effectively marketing to equity buyers TURNS REAL ESTATE SLOW-DOWN TO YOUR (SELLER'S) ADVANTAGE because more sellers will exchange for YOUR property due to this economy and the 21 reasons an exchange can be the best solution. Again, we offer 2 solutions if you do not like the property offered you (rather than lose your buyer).


6 reasons our exclusive marketing help you sell in traditional way (no exchange).

9 reasons our exclusive marketing produce good offers "no other marketing will."

8 reasons our postcards, emails and multiple websites quickly produce more good offers.

5 types of buyers who purchase "only via an exchange."

13 advantages direct exchanges have over delayed exchanges.

21 ways an exchange can improve your financial and personal situation.

8 reasons today may be the best time to exchange.

What a successful sale or exchange depends on.

Appraisals can decide exchange prices.

Why some may discourage you from sending emails and postcards to our 2,650+ buyers.

So we can advise you of exchange and other real estate opportunities, please click here to describe "the property you want to exchange for" or "purchase in the traditional way" and "the property you have to exchange."

"A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty." – Winston Churchill

My 31+ years of Chico real estate experience, superior problem solving abilities and inventive know-how combined with our exclusive marketing system set me apart from other Realtors. Prior to getting into real estate I passed CPA exam and worked for CPA firms. We offer you more than promises; we offer you more offers and qualifications for your money.

This was written to all Chico Area sellers. Not all of it applies equally to all sellers.

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